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Why I blog?

I get this question a lot. I think when people ask me that, they are really just asking where my heart is in all of this. Is there a personal gain? Why on earth would you want to put yourself out there? What’s the point? Do you think you’re someone important? Is this your way of making a name for yourself?

Would it shock you to know I ask myself why I blog almost every time I start a post? Opening my life up in this place can be daunting. In doing so, I’m subjecting myself to critical thoughts, judgements passed, and a world of well… crickets. (Oh Hi!)

Did I say it right? How’s my tone? Are my words too heady? My paragraphs too wordy? Am I trying too hard? Am I sharing too much? Not sharing enough? Is this too deep for the forum? Too shallow for my personality? Do they care? Do I really have anything noteworthy to say?

And you guys? That is only a fraction of my fears. So why do I do it?

Two things keep me going.

I love to write. At 9-years-old I hardly left the house without my spiral notebook. I wanted to compose something great, something powerful, something real. With all kinds of vivid memories and graphic stories to tell writing somehow feels embedded in my soul. There is something thrilling about the whole process. And yet, it calms me. Finding words soothes my always spinning brain, and gives it a space to run free.

But aside from this blog being about what makes me happy, writing for an audience allows me to escape self-reflection and view the world from a different angle. You! Because as a blogger, my deepest interest is my reader. Who are you really? You know, underneath? What is your story, your hopes, challenges? What makes you tick?

People fascinate me.

If you ever met me you probably know I can be super awkward. I get uncomfortable with generic small talk. Please no clumsy one-liners about the weather, or another disingenuous cliché to kill time. I crave genuine connection. So can we bypass the walls and cut to the chase? You have problems, I have problems. Let’s stop talking about getting drunk and whining about it and instead find ways to solve them. There is community to be found here.

Frankly, I think the mom blog world needs more balanced bloggers. We got the self-glorifying Pinterest Moms on one end and this Bad Moms movement on the other.

Pardon me, but do we really want to keep company with perfectly manicured people who live in perfectly manicured homes with perfectly manicured crap (that doesn’t stink)– we all know they are kidding only themselves.

Nor do I want to be inundated with how normal it is to drink wine in a sippy cup while my kids eat Cheetohs for dinner — being transparent is in vogue these days, but with it goes our standards.

Neither extreme is all that good for us. Neither make us better on the inside or out.

I’m only speaking from experience. Trust me when I say I’ve lived on both sides of the fence. The struggle for balance is real. We all wear façades. And I will be the first to say I have lived blinded by them, not even knowing who I really was or what I really wanted out of life. I existed on the basis of what the culture was telling me and what others were doing.

Social influence infiltrates our lives in every way. It’s insidious. What we see, what we hear, what we allow in can truly change our perceptions. And we make concession because well, they do.

That’s why what I say and do makes a difference. That’s why what you say and do makes a difference. Lives can be changed in big and small ways as we interact with one another… even something a trivial as a photograph can change a thought pattern. It can inspire apathy, bring about discontentment, or it can rouse hope and produce motivation.

You just never know how you might be influencing another person. Words are powerful. My goal here is to shed light on the problems we face as women. We may not all share the same brokenness, but the challenges life throws at us are mutual. I’m simply here to urge women – flaws and all — to be who they were made to be, to live out the truth by living justly, to love and show mercy to their neighbor, brother, friend, enemy, and to fear God above all else.

I’m not looking for hits or likes, this blog is not for monetization purposes. I’m simply looking to bring community. I want to be able to talk about anything here. To discuss everything from how I treat my first born differently to my personal skin care routine. From an ice-cream recipe to the orphans in Mexico. I don’t want to scare people off with my love of Jesus and the associated stigma you might bring to that name. I am a just a former thrill-seeker/prodigal daughter who figured out the world and all its glamour has nothing to offer me.

I promise you one thing, I won’t try to be anyone I am not. Because no, I don’t have a perfectly manicured life… and honestly, I don’t aspire to. At the same time, I don’t wallow in stained sweats and hide from my kids in the bathroom with a bottle of wine (been there). I don’t have the house with the nicest newest upgrades or the latest DYI trends (done that). I have a home that functions well enough. I’m the blogger fighting for balance and struggling for truth beside you.

All of that to say, I blog for you. I want my blog to help people, to be a resource for people to find hope. It’s safe here. So I encourage you to get comfortable and join the conversation. There is community to be found.