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Happy almost Friday friends! Today on Hello with the Hughes, I am interviewing mompreneuer Kimberly Vieley of The Beauty Fit Mom. Kimberly is one of those bloggers you’re instantly drawn to. Her enthusiasm and passion for life are contagious! Anyone who comes into contact with her social media presence — and real life presence for that matter– instantaneously has their own personal cheerleader. 
I had the pleasure of teaching her sweet and sassy then 2-year-old, Stella, in my preschool just a few years ago. Since discovering she wrote a faith, fitness, beauty/health blog, I was hooked. Her attention-grabbing motivational posts, pics, and videos are just bursting with authenticity. This girl is as real as they come. Over the years I’ve watched her flourish in her field. With sheer determination, strength of character, and God’s grace Kim has changed many a woman’s life. She is one talented soul!
Okay, I’ll stop! How ’bout I let you get to know her more through this interview, otherwise I’ll ramble on and on! So everyone, meet my friend Kim!

Please tell us how your blog came about?
It really came about through prayer. I’d always known that once I became a mother, I would want to leave the working force to primarily care for my family. However most things don’t go smoothly or swiftly as we planned! I knew I wanted a way to still connect with and reach others once home, and the idea and name for my blog came to me one night just after I had been praying and dozed off to sleep. I love that I can share the things I love and am passionate about, and it’s allowed me a way to connect with so many amazing women around the country.
Is this how you imagined your life would be?
Mostly, no. As kids, and even teenagers, I think it’s hard to picture anything beyond the fairytale. We see that we will fall in love, marry, have children with ease, and then do this blissful family… The family maybe we didn’t have but always dreamt we would. I did marry my high school sweetheart, but nowhere in the picture did we ever imagine suffering multiple miscarriages, battling infertility, and simultaneously losing a couple of family members. But through every one of the trials and tragedies, God showed, and helped us to come out stronger, even if it meant we bore the battle scars. You could say, life has been harder than I imagined, but the joy and blessings have been far greater than I could have imagined.
What hobbies do you have that you don’t mention on your blog?
      My hubby and I are avid DIYers! We love to find home-improvement projects and crafts online or on   Pinterest, and I’m pretty sure he secretly loves the show fixer-upper as much as me! I’m thinking that I will soon start incorporating some of our projects onto the blog, because it’s really something we enjoy. And one thing most people don’t know about me is that out of high school, I actually went to school for and got a degree in interior design!
What do you love about yourself?
I love that I am generally a very positive person. Don’t get me wrong, I go through rough patches and there are days where the cup is half empty, but I realize how hard it makes life to live through that perspective. One my biggest passions is just to encourage others, and I’m just now beginning to realize that that’s actually a gift, not how everybody is.
What’s your biggest struggle in life?
I think my biggest struggle is just trusting and believing that my voice matters. In my head, I know that we were all created for a purpose, but in my heart I sometimes battle to believe the significance of that purpose. We all wonder if the ideas we have, things we have to share will really matter other people. However, I also believe that the purpose of our struggles and triumphs is to give others hope.
Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
www.livingwithlandyn.com I actually discovered her recently, and fell in love! She’s incredibly down to earth, funny, has a style I love, and she shares all the things. When you see her making a dinner that looks amazing, she shares the recipe. When she’s got an adorable new outfit, she’s telling you exactly where she got it and giving you a link so you can get it for yourself. www.MegMarieWallace.com is also incredibly down to earth, a beautiful writer, and has the biggest heart for Jesus! She’ll give you a truth bomb in the most loving way, convict you where you need it, and share some fun recipes or ideas in the mix.

 Go see her at www.thebeautyfitmom.com