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Meet: The Charmer

every time one of my kids reach this age it’s like… like the point of no return. a 12-month old can easily pass as an infant. an 18 month old? nope. they are off and running and climbing and digging and pouring and throwing and smashing and starting to be DE. FI. ANT.

temper tantrums!

yup. they are in full swing over here. our sweet angelic baby has turned into a full on monster with a will of his own. it’s here. and it’s here to stay.

before it gets any worse, i wanna share some tidbits about this new little monster of mine in the form of a letter.


first off, happy 18 months Lisha!
oh my Lisha…. oh my Lisha… oh my Lisha baby boy… that’s me singing to the tune of “oh my darlin’.” yes, we have some super silly made up songs for you Elijah. and even sillier nicknames.

you, my son, bring so much life, so much delight to our household! you are the apple of my eye, the charmer of all charmers. one look at your crazy feathered hair and toothy chucky grin and well… it’s all over. we melt.

the thing about you son, is that you live in extremes. you’re either extremely sweet or extremely terrible. and it usually happens in that order. you start the day with big wide smiles and squeals from your crib and end with screaming fits of rage in your crib.

but of course no one believes that you could ever be so terrible because everyone who meets you loves you. im not kidding. every person in the grocery store, everyone in our neighborhood, the servers at the pho place and taco Tuesday. even the patrons sitting next to us will make their way into our conservations after you make them laugh with one of your many expressions. its weird.

back when you were in mommy’s belly we knew that you would be something different, something special. a type of peacemaker that would bring our family together. and you have been just that. our families pretty much only gather on behalf of you. so, thanks!

you, my dear, have a great vocabulary for your age. words like mama, dada, airplane, car, bird, moon, trash truck, baba, juice, blanket, outside, shoes, sock, meow, bark, button, bubbles, go, bye-bye, and obviously many others i cant quite understand yet, but it helps keep the frustration levels down.

you LOVE:

  • buttons! your fine motor is incredible. somehow you knew at a very young age that there was a cause and effect connected to pushing the remote, the keyboard, the fan, the light, the phone, the car keys. and God forbid you see something you want to push and we take it away.
  • being outside all hours of the day
  • swinging
  • watching the trash truck go by
  • worship music
  • pretend cooking
  • playing peek-a-boo and hiding in places we can clearly see you. hehe!
  • bike rides with daddy and walks with mommy
  • your siblings. you want to do what they do have what they have, and when they go you whine a lot more

hmmm, some things you dislike?
let’s see… you HATE:

  • your diaper changes. you will fight. you will wrestle. you will smear poop into the rug.
  • your car seat and being pinned down for any length of time.
  • sitting still/cuddling
  • most every dinner i cook

right now you have a thing for pinching people’s faces…. especially if they are resting on the couch…. it’s like your very own way of saying PLAY WITH ME! yeh… by ripping our skin off. we are workin’ on this. teaching you to be gentle. speaking of, you play with Alli much better than you used to. we used to have to keep you two separated because she would sit on you and try to pull your head off. for real.

anyhow, all these new milestones are huge (for me). they make it feel like you are growing up too fast and that you’re hardly “the baby” anymore. the only downside is now we really have to be on our toes. you are off and running with the rest of ‘em. and you are getting into everything.

overall, i think you mostly have the temperament of your daddy. BUSY. fast moving. always thinking. and i know, when you look at me, i am your girl. i am the one who can take all the hurt away. a total mama’s boy, and i LOVE that!

i just hope you know, Elijah, that you will always be my baby forever and ever. the six of you all together makes our family complete.

i will always love you as my sweet, and sometimes terrible, youngest son.

love, your Mam