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Unplug and Explore


the early morning drive took us away. far away, it seemed, to another world, another life, another time zone. far away beyond the video games, the youtube and the netflix sort of world we live in.

we trekked on over to the southwest base of the San Bernardino Mountains to pluck apples off trees!

Oak glen is full of orchards with “you pick” apples galore! it was absolutely gorgeous out. cool and crisp. beautiful! so beautiful in fact, that at one point the hubs and i simultaneously revealed our secret desire to plant our home there.

Riley’s farm is a fall tradition i’ve tried to carry out since the kids were just babes. and this year it was Elijah’s turn! you know, family outings are kind of my love language. i looooove making memories as a family.

my mama heart couldn’t be more blessed to see my babies so smiley doing something so simple together. especially since it’s been a hard financial season and with the kiddos being at such different stages these past years. in times past i carried Alli in my ergo and made the kids walk, another year i was pregnant and sick, the next year i had a newborn and Alli was more rambunctious than ever, and this year we opted to take just one baby. (don’t worry Alli was fine getting individualized attention at home- a total treat.)

anyhow, it was one of the most precious family days we have had. one this blended family desperately needed.

upon arrival we were stunned by the amount of visitors.  i guess this place has really gotten popular over the years. even so, i enjoyed every moment. crowds and all. i think it’s because the natural world is something we all crave. the idea of being completely unplugged as a family is rare. is it not?

the instant you set foot on the grounds it’s pure enchantment. rural, untainted, a colonial replica. the kids hit the ground running. Elijah was enraptured by the whole experience. he even uttered two new words: apple and tractor.

all that to say i encourage you to get your family out there. start a new fall tradition!
unplug and explore. its really pretty fun for all ages and it doesn’t even cost much.

we wandered, we played, we picked.
and my heart is full.

some snapshots of the adventure: